At this time we are closed due to COVID-19. We hope everyone is hunkering down and staying safe during this hard time. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for the full schwa as soon as things clear up. Schwa is a chef owned and family operated restaurant that has been a haven for young chefs to mature through un-mature methods. It has has been a place for guests to dine with us in our home and leave with an incredible and memorable experience. In an effort to support our staff and the longevity of this restaurant when we reopen, we have started a gofundme. Anything helps and we thank you for the continued support. For the most up to date information, follow us on Instagram.

Michael and Staff of Schwa


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Located on the fringe of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, it’s easy to miss but hard to forget.

Stepping through the storefront entrance, the city dissolves into an intimate world where the artistry of fine cuisine unfolds throughout the evening. The barrier between patron and chef fades. Dinner becomes a night to explore and fully engage the senses.

A fluid menu of vivid courses, crafted by a crew of culinary artists under the direction of Chef Michael Carlson, who work to their own rhythm to re-imagine the possibilities of global, seasonal ingredients. A kitchen where every ingredient is respected and every choice is intentional.

This is Schwa.

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